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Winter 2017 Nuredo Cover Story
     There are dozens of companies in the Tulsa area that can tear out and replace simple flat concrete, like driveways, sidewalks and patios, around your house. However, if you want a truly quality job designed from the start to perform as expected for decades, then the list of qualified resources shrinks dramatically.

     One of these more highly qualified companies is Engineered Concrete Systems. As the company’s name implies, all projects are reviewed by a professional engineer. This step helps ensure that the project meets the key design standards, which maximize the strength of the concrete and the lifespan of the finished work. The relatively small difference in upfront cost for a proper installation pales in comparison to that of a future failure, tear-out and replacement cycle.

     What separates a proper concrete installation from the rest? Let’s take a look at a great example. Driveways are the most common repair job in the world of concrete. Every home has a driveway, which sees heavier traffic and usage than any other concrete around the house.  Many existing driveways, sidewalks and patios, known as “flat work,” have historically been, and commonly still are, poured directly onto the soil. Some have reinforcing steel, called rebar, embedded, but most do not. These are choices made strictly to reduce job cost.

     In contrast, proper concrete installation includes a compacted gravel bed to separate the new concrete from the soil. Direct soil contact prevents the concrete from curing properly and reaching its maximum strength. Given enough time, direct soil contact can lead to premature failure and potential breakdown of the concrete itself. The gravel bed also helps protect the concrete from soil movements that might create destructive stresses on the concrete. The addition of rebar helps to prevent the concrete from experiencing tensile stresses. Concrete handles compression beautifully, but tension leads to cracking. Together this system works very well to extend the useful life of the installation. But, it does have a higher initial cost than a stripped-down installation.
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About The Company
Engineered Concrete Systems is a locally-owned and operated Tulsa company experienced in handling a very broad array of new concrete solutions as well as replacement projects. President Bill Holcombe is proud to have recently joined the Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa. Together with Sales Manager Pat Owen, they have over 50 years of combined concrete industry experience.

Every installation will have direct oversight by one or both of these men to ensure that the project’s professionally engineered solution is strictly followed at all phases of the work.

     When you move past the flat work and start looking at specialty areas such as retaining walls, swimming pool restyling, storm shelters, and outdoor living spaces with special fire features, the added benefit of selecting an engineered solution over a “down-and-dirty” one becomes magnified. These are certainly areas that you don’t want to have to rework again later either due to safety concerns or the major impact that a tear-out and replacement would have on the family.

     In addition to concrete structures, outdoor living areas may include spaces to cook, play or just relax and often include structures such as pergolas, integrated patio covers and seating areas, all of which are things Engineered Concrete Systems can handle for you.

     Specialty finishes including texture stamping, patterned saw-cutting, and staining are all very routine options for the company. These added steps can greatly affect the visual appeal of the finished work and increase the perceived value of the property.

     Engineered Concrete Systems loves to help homeowners and commercial property owners with the more complicated situations including projects with special drainage concerns. But, they are equally happy to help you with the most basic flat work project.

     To get a better idea of the types of projects the company is capable of tackling, visit From there, you can view before-and-after job photos, read customer testimonials and request a free project estimate by using the handy online contact form.
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Bill Holcombe, President

Pat Owen, Sales Manager

Engineered Concrete Systems is a proud member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa
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